Fit Nation NOLA


The Jumping Zone, How to Encourage Physical Activity, Rosan Bosch

Linking Transportations and Health in Nashville and Middle Tennessee, Michael Briggs

Everyone’s a Customer, Why Bicyclists and Pedestrians Should Matter to Suburban Merchants, Pamela Brookstein

National Panel, Commissioner David Burney

Architecture can make a Difference, Louise Cox

Changing our Brand: A Fit NOLA, Karen DeSalvo

Implementation of Active Design – Comprehensive Plans, Zoning Codes, and other Planning Policies, Skye Duncan

 Active Design: Safer City=Active City=Healthy City, Wendy Feuer

Integrating Health Workshop, Amy Green

National Best Practices:Planning Tools to Encourage Active and Healthy Communities, Errnie Hutton

Fit Nation NOLA Presentation, Richard Jackson

One Approach to Creating Livable Communities for a Healthy, Mobile and Aging Society, Nancy McPherson

Planning and Implementing the Active Community in Nashville, Toks Omishakin

Health and Project Planning and Selection, Jeffrey Raker

Implementing Active Design, Comprehensive Plans, Zoning Codes, etc., Clint Randall

Communicating about Active Transport, Kate Rube

Policy and Built Environment Strategies to Combat Obesity: An International Perspective,  Tom Schmid

Building Political and Public Support for Active Transportation, Kartik Sribarra

Creating a Healthier Portland, Deborah Stein

Implementation of Active Design in Suburbia, Gary Toth

Implementation of Active Design: Opportunities in Transportation Policies and Plans, Gary Toth




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