Food Access

Supermarket/Food Access Incentive Programs
NYC: Food Retail Expansion to Support Health Program

Farmers’ Markets
Establishing Land Use Protections for Farmers’ Markets, NPLAN and Public Health Law and Policy Center
This package includes model land use policies for supporting and protecting farmers’ markets, and provides model general plan and zoning language to encourage these uses.

Atlanta Farmers’ Market Zoning Text

Urban Food Zoning Update Concept Report, Portland Bureau of Planning & Sustainability and Multnomah County 
This report, part of Multnomah County’s CPPW work, covers current zoning barriers and opportunities, as well as examples from other places around the country, on five topic areas:  market gardens, community gardens, farmers markets, food membership distribution sites, and animals/bees.

NYC Law Requiring Annual Reporting on Healthy Food Data & Issues
This law requires the NYC Mayor’s Office of Long Term Planning & Sustainability to report annually on a number of healthy food issues and for various agencies to collect data for that report, including on farmers’ markets, community gardens, grocery stores, healthy bodegas, and green carts.

The Access to Healthy Foods Coalition is a group of businesses, industries, government agencies and non-profit organizations working together to positively influence health and nutrition in Washington state by improving access to healthier foods.


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