Model Policies

Model Complete Streets Laws and Resolutions, Public Health Law and Policy Center

Model Comprehensive Plan Language on Complete Streets, Public Health Law and Policy Center

Project and Planning Evaluation

Sustainable Transportation Analysis and Rating System (STARS)


Transportation and Health: Policy Interventions for Safer, Healthier People and Communities report, Safe Transportation Research and Education Center
This report examines transportation policies in three critical areas: the environment and environmental health, community design and active transportation, and motor vehicle-related injuries and fatalities.

Livability in Transportation Guidebook, FHWA

Integrating Public Health Objectives in Transportation Planning, Victoria Transport Policy Institute

2010 Bicycling and Walking in the US Benchmarking report
This report has a great amount of info and data on bike and pedestrian issues, including spending by major U.S. cities on bike and pedestrian investments,   mileage of bike and pedestrian infrastructure, supportive state policies, strong advocacy groups, staffing, and integration of bikes into cities transit systems.

Designing Walkable Urban Thoroughfares: A Context Sensitive Approach, Institute of Transportation Engineers, Congress for the New Urbanism
An update of ITE’s 2006 Context Sensitive Solutions in Designing Major Urban Thoroughfares for Walkable Communities, this report provides guidance on applying CSS principles in communities that support compact development, mixed land uses, walking, and bicycling.

Transportation Safety

NYCDOT Pedestrian Safety and Action Plan
This landmark study is the largest of its kind ever undertaken by a U.S. city. Researchers analyzed over 7,000 crash records of to identify the causes, common factors and geographic distribution of pedestrian crashes in New York City.


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