Materials for February 14th Call: Creating Active Sidewalks

Creating Active Sidewalks presentation

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Materials for August 31st Call: NYCDOT Pedestrian Safety Data-Driven Transportation Planning

Matt Roe NYCDOT Presentation

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Materials for August 11 Call: Using Health & Built Environment Data to Further Active Design Goals

Included below are materials for our call on August 11th, 1:00-2:30pm EST, as well as other resources relevant to this topic.

For the call
Health & Built Environment Data: Furthering Active Design Goals, presentation for the call

Other Resources
Survey Samples
NYC Department of Health & Mental Hygiene Community Health Survey 2011
NYC Department of Health & Mental Hygiene Community Health Survey Fact Sheet
NYC Department of Health & Mental Hygiene Community Health Survey Excerpted Questions on Obesity & Built Environment issues (2005-2011)
NYC Physical Activity & Transit Survey 2011
NYC Physical Activity & Transit Survey Fact Sheet
Philadelphia District Plan Health Impact Assessment Survey for residents

Other Methods in Obesity Data Collection
Registry-Based BMI Surveillance: A Guide to System Preparation, Design, and Implementation report, Altarum Institute

Health & Built Environment Indicators
Indicators for a Healthy Built Environment in BC report, Victoria Transport Policy Institute
Developing Built Environment Indicators for Urban Oregon powerpoint presentation, Oregon Public Health Division
The Healthy Development Measurement Tool Indicators Master List, San Francisco Department of Public Health

Working with other Agencies & Stakeholders
Louisville Loop Matrix on Agency/Stakeholder Roles and Data Availability

Health & Active Design in Transportation Project Scoring and Prioritization Processes
Austin 2010 Transportation Bond Scoring Matrix
New Jersey Transportation Planning Authority Project Prioritization Criteria
Portland Metro 2010-2013 Regional Flexible Fund Transportation Allocation Criteria
Puget Sound Regional Council: Health and Project Planning and Selection, presentation at Fit Nation NOLA, Jeffrey Raker
Seattle DOT Pedestrian Project Prioritization Criteria

Transportation Performance Measures
NYCDOT Strategic Plan Benchmarks
NYCDOT Sustainable Streets Index
Sustainable Transportation Performance Measures, ICF presentation
A Guidebook for Performance-Based Transportation Planning, NCHRP report
Performance Metrics & Health memo, Southern California Association of Governments (SCAG)  

Healthy Food Access Analysis & Programs
NYC Food Retail Expansion to Support Health program
Going to Market: New York City’s Neighborhood Grocery Store and Supermarket Shortage, report by NYC Departments of City Planning and Health & Mental Hygiene, with the NYC Economic Development Corporation.
This report, which laid the groundwork for the FRESH program, established a ‘supermarket need index’ for NYC and assessed neighborhoods with the greatest need for fresh food purveyors, barriers that exist, and opportunities to meet this need. 

Park Access Analysis & Programs
NYC PlaNYC Parks Access Analysis & Goals, Excerpt from PlaNYC report


Epi Info (CDC)
Public domain software that allows people to develop questionnaires and forms, customize the data entry process, and enter and analyze data.

EpiSurveyor  / Open Data Kit
Free (for basic level), open source tool enabling anyone to create a survey/data form, collect data on a mobile device, and then transfer the data back to a desktop or laptop for analysis.

Measuring Walking and Cycling Using the PABS (Pedestrian and Bicycling Survey) Approach: A Low-Cost Survey Method for Local Communities
 Low-budget survey method and related sampling strategy for communities to document the amount of local walking and cycling happening among their residents.

Active Design Guidelines Urban Design Checklist

Active Design Guidelines Building Design Checklist

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Materials for June 16, 2011 Call: Quantifying the Costs & Benefits of Active Design

Draft Resource Guide
Todd Litman Presentation
Todd Litman Bibliography

Other Resources

Smart Growth America Economic Benefits of Smart Growth Slides

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